Voir la version complète : Sketch and Toon is my favourite.

05/04/2004, 14h26
Call this a shameless plug.

Hey all this is one section you will see me in a lot hopefully sharing stuff down the road but feel free to ask about even the smallest niggle in skethc and toon, its sort of my speciality now for 3D.

And for those of you who haven't hear I"ve been recording Videos for a Training CD for Sketch and Toon which I hopefully will finally have up this month, May 1st reboot is only a month away so I need ot get craking on it.

It covers how to use each and every single setting in sketch and toon, almost like a video manual, but also has some great videos on achieving specific styles and effects.

06/04/2004, 22h05
Great Kaiskai!

Will it be available in the US? You have one customer already ;)

We still have a lot of work to do using Sketch and Toons, and I will probably need your experience in that matter on my WIP "Death Dealer", as I eventually want to try it to recreate the paint style of the original drawing..

I'll try to go as far as I can, though, but be prepared for me to cry for help :mrgreen:
And don't hesitate in return, if you have any kind of question.

07/04/2004, 17h38
It will be available everywhere, though I would warn those familar with german to hesitate until I am sure whether I can have a german translated one done or not.

I'd not considered translating to any other languages, but just from looking at the size of this community I'll have to look into a french version, concern being time and money it takes to translate record audio, clean audio and integrate back into the original videos, rebuilding the interface navigation in another langauge shouldn't take long at all.